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Lawsuit Lending

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A lawsuit lending company will provide money to a plaintiff in pending and settled lawsuit. In order to diminish total risk, companies will diversify their portfolios with pre settlement and post settlement lending. When a lawsuit lender invests in a case they may charge a flat fee, contingency fee or purchase a share of the lawsuit.

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Lawsuit Lending

Lawsuit lending is a recent phenomenon within the law markets. Lenders in the United States and abroad are lending against pending and settled lawsuits. Lawsuit lending is offered to plaintiffs and attorneys and can be obtained as in little as a day to several weeks depending upon the lender and the case type. Lawsuit lending also called litigation lending is a practice that lenders offer for different types of civil lawsuits. The three most important factors when lending money to a plaintiff are negligence, liability and expected compensation. These three factors alone will determine if a person is approved or denied by a lawsuit lending company.

If you are currently searching for a company that offers lawsuit lending, contact Fortis today. Fortis has experience in securing same day, next day and same week advances for its clients.

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Post Settlement Lawsuit Funding

If you are searching for post settlement lawsuit funding for a personal injury or commercial litigation case, Fortis can help. Fortis has a great deal of experience providing lawsuit funding for post settlement cases. If your case has already reached settlement and you're waiting for your compensation payments, Fortis wants to work for you. For most plaintiffs that have never gone through the legal process they are unaware of the amount of time it can take to receive payment from their case. When a plaintiff is successful in winning compensation for their case it can take months before payment is received.

If your attorney is successful in winning your case the defense may not be required to pay the recovery for months. In some cases, the defense may appeal the decision, prolonging the inevitable. In some cases the plaintiff could lose the case during the appeals process. and a recovery is never attained. Like other funding types, Fortis also works with clients involved in appellate cases.

When Fortis Consulting Group receives and application for post settlement lawsuit funding and appellate case funding we have the ability to secure lawsuit funding faster and at a competitive rate. Fortis provides an excellent service for each new client giving them the ability to secure competitive rates and faster approvals. When Fortis receives an application for a lawsuit advancement, for post settlement funding, we quickly process the application and have an underwriter immediately follow-up with you and your attorney. While post settlement funding is non recourse, due to the element of risk, post settlement lawsuit funding is much more affordable than receiving an advance against a pending case.

When you apply with Fortis you are never obligated to accept an offer. Fortis Consulting Group provides its service to help put each client in a position to get the requested amount of cash advance in a timely basis. For most post settlement lawsuit funding applications, we can turn around a lawsuit cash advance within the same day you apply.

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Bridge Loans

Bridging loans can be extremely useful in completing short term projects, or in being able to find quick finance to enable you to complete a purchase which you can then refinance at a later date. You would never want to use a bridging loan for long term finance, because the interest rates will simply be too high.

If you have a consistent need for this type of loan, it will benefit you greatly to form an ongoing relationship with an institution that offers them. These institutions know that time is critical when they are deciding whether or not to lend you money, and if they know you have a proven track record they are likely to approve you immediately.

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