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Lawsuit Lending

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A lawsuit lending company will provide money to a plaintiff in pending and settled lawsuit. In order to diminish total risk, companies will diversify their portfolios with pre settlement and post settlement lending. When a lawsuit lender invests in a case they may charge a flat fee, contingency fee or purchase a share of the lawsuit.

Meet Scott Lemons

Scott Lemons of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been involved in helping people re-structure and walk with them through complex issues stemming from the downturn in the economy. Scott Lemons has lives the past 10 years providing expert representation in complex real estate transactions, as well as private money finance in Myrtle Beach and through ought South Carolina.

Scott Lemons of Myrtle Beach, has been able to use his experience of the horrendous economic conditions to work to tailor a client specific plan that could change lives of his clients. His greatest joy comes when his clients take hold of the process and are able to "Pay It Forward". Lemons of Myrtle Beach is a strong avocet of "The Great Recovery" and is involved in Church, Bible Study Fellowship, and other organizations that shall remain anonymous. Scott Lemons continues to help clients on a Pro Bono basis on many different occasions bringing Lemons to a new standard in the business world.